A Holiday Tree Without the Hassle

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Decorate and Deliver provides local businesses and community members with a professionally decorated tree brought to their location to enhance the spirit of the season! Our “Festival Elves” deliver and set up the tree, so the customer has absolutely no work to do to get into the festive mood. Once the season is complete, our Elves return and remove the tree to ensure a hassle-free experience. The hardest part is selecting which tree you want! 

Ordering your holiday tree with the University Hospital Foundation’s Decorate and Deliver, presented by Canadian Tire,  not only allows you to have an affordable, professionally decorated office or showroom for the holidays, but also supports the Festival of Trees cause.  

The funds raised at the 2023 Festival of Trees, presented by Landmark Homes will support two areas of innovation at the University of Alberta Hospital:  

  • With a new, state-of-the-art Simulation (SIM) Lab, our healthcare teams will be able to practice, refine and practice every step of every procedure and interaction under every condition imaginable. 
  • Remodeling the Fourth Floor Atrium into an inclusive space of peace and comfort will provide patients, family members, staff and physicians alike a chance to step away from the high-intensity hospital environment.  

To select your tree or to request to get involved in the Decorate & Deliver program, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

For any questions related to Decorate & Deliver or for additional information, please email decorateanddeliver@givetouhf.ca  

Tree #01
A Beary Merry Christmas

  • 6ft / Green Tree with lights  
  • Natural, Traditional Red color scheme, Trucks and Bear ornaments  
  • 2 pieces includes tree and red metal skirt 

Tree #02
Champagne On Ice

  • 8ft / Gold Tinsel with lights 
  • Gold and Copper/Red Color scheme 
  • Gold Ornaments with Red/Copper Ball Decorations 

Tree #03
Elfing Around the Christmas Tree

  • 7.5ft / Green with lights 
  • Red, White and Black color scheme 
  • White Poinsettias, Elves and black and white ornaments 

Tree #04
Feeling Rose

  • 7.5ft / Silver Tinsel with lights 
  • Pink and Silver color scheme  
  • Black and Silver ornaments with black velvet poinsettias 

Tree #05
Holiday at the Ranch

  • 7.5 ft/Green pre-lit tree
  • Gold, Silver, Bronze decorations

Tree #06
Ice Ice Baby

  • 7.5ft / White Tinsel with lights 
  • White, Silver and Sage Green color scheme 
  • Sage Green and Silver ornaments with sage green flowers 

Tree #07
Masquerade Magic

  • 7.5ft / Black Tinsel with no lights  
  • Black and Gold color scheme  
  • Black and Gold ornaments with masks 

Tree #08
New England Christmas 

  • 5ft / 5 Pieces: Tree, Sleigh, Wreath, Ladder and Black Fabric Skirt  
  • Red, white and Black Color Scheme 

Tree #09
On Cloud Wine

  • 7.5ft / Burgundy/Wine Color Tree Pre-Lit  
  • Burgundy and Teal Color scheme  
  • Teal Green Poinsettias and Ornaments 

Tree #10
Plum Perfect

  • 5ft / Green Tree with Lights  
  • Burgundy/Wine Color Scheme  
  • White Cylinder Snowglobes with burgundy-colored ornaments and ribbon 

Tree #11
Purple Passion

  • 7.5ft / Green with lights 
  • Purple and Gold Color scheme  
  • Purple Poinsettias, Gold Ornaments and Ribbon with Lavender Fabric Skirt 

Tree #12
Scarlett Magnolia

  • 8ft / Green with lights 
  • Red, White Color scheme 
  • Large Red Magnolia Flowers, White and Red Ornaments and a Red Ribbon Topper 

Tree #13
Silver Harlequin

  • 7.5ft / Black Tinsel with no lights  
  • Black and Silver color scheme 
  • Black and Silver ornaments with black velvet poinsettias 

Tree #14
Simply Scandinavian

  • 8ft / Green Pre-Lit 
  • White and Red color scheme Glass and White ornaments with Red Berries 


Tree #15
Sleigh Bells Ring

  • 8ft / Green with lights 
  • Red, White and Green color scheme 
  • Large Red Sleigh Bells, Mistletoe Sprays, red and green ornaments and ribbon 

Tree #16
Stay Golden

  • 5ft / Gold Tree with lights and Urn Pot 
  • Gold and White Color scheme  
  • White Poinsettia Decorations 

Tree #17
Teal You Feel Fabulous

  • 7.5ft / Green Tree with lights 
  • Teal and Blue Color scheme  
  • Peacock ornaments with Teal, Purple, Gold and Blue Decorations 

Tree #18
The Polar Bear Express

  • 5ft / Silver Tinsel with lights / Tree with Box (Statue and Sign) 
  • White, Silver and Teal/Green color scheme 
  • Pinecone/Bear ornaments Winter Polar Bear Sign “Peace” Polar Bear Statue 

Tree #19
The Winter Rose

  • 5ft / Rose Tinsel Tree with lights  
  • Rose, Red and Pearl Color scheme Red Roses and Cream-Colored Ornaments  
  • Comes with Cream Fabric for Skirt 

Tree #20
Twas the Night Before Christmas

  • 7.5ft / Green Tree with lights 
  • Red and White color scheme Red and White ornaments with Snow Couples 
  • Comes with Tree, Sleigh, Snowmen and Tree Skirt 
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